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G&H is Africa’s premiere consultancy specialised in building promotional channels into China’s multibillion travel and consumer markets. Without correct professional advice, selling services to Chinese audiences can be complicated. Launched in 2015 by Sandra Rwese (an award-winning tourism analyst), we advise all industry service sectors how to prepare advertising budgets, rebrand products and services, launch digital marketing campaigns, re-skill staff members and ultimately engage Chinese customers.

We are in fact dealing with a US 422 billion dollar combined consumer and travel market.

The first step to gaining brand recognition is understanding how Chinese communities internalise your brand messages. In order to secure a slice of this extremely lucrative market you absolutely MUST develop a digital footprint in tandem with Chinese netizens; who spend 40% of their time hooked onto social networks. Secondly, you need a sufficient financial budget to cater for seasonal advertising. Thirdly, we encourage businesses to recruit bilingual personnel who are knowledgeable about corporate history and product lines. Because marketing to China is essentially a tiered process.

Our Services

Strategy Planning

Are you China-ready? Get the relevant market intelligence to re-position your brand for new growth opportunities. G&H delivers sophisticated corporate reports that equip your team with credible insights to identify value streams and avoid unmitigated risks.

Brand Evaluation of Products & Services

Before advertising to Chinese consumers, we identify key brand values to make sure they satisfy core requirements for building brand loyalty and recognition. Chinese consumerism is always evolving. We help localise your sales strategies to fit current market trends.

Chinese Digital Marketing

e-Marketing is a definite deal breaker. Understand which Chinese digital space(s) suit your social selling capacity. Learn to rethink your product and service offering. Improve overall digital presence, build strategic influence and brand visibility in China.

Sales Training Workshops

How do you handle PR, sales negotiations, B2B and digital marketing ahead of any interactions with Chinese customers? Re-skill your staff members with specialised knowledge in order to improve service levels and optimise your company’s sales conversion rates. We offer personalised training programs.

Staff Recruitment (Bilingual)

East Africa has an abundance of skilled citizens who lived, studied and worked in China for years. We can help you advertise and short-list these highly fluent candidates to fill executive and middle-level job positions.

Website Translation & Content Quality Control

Professional translation of web content into Chinese language, advice on choice of imagery, product pricing, domain hosting options, and quality control of brand information to fit audience expectations.



The CTW Awards is a prestigious international prize rewarding various companies’ best practices in offering quality services to Chinese customers. Winners are selected by an international jury of tourism experts (both Chinese & non-Chinese

2017 Pride of Africa Asia-Pacific Awards, Beijing

Outstanding Achievement in Business

2017 Chinese Tourist Welcoming Awards, ITB China, Shanghai

Bronze Prize for Service Quality

2012 Chinese Tourist Welcoming Awards, COTTM, Beijing

Silver Award for Product Innovation

Our Clients

These are some of the companies we’ve worked with


Only these member companies officially qualify to use the special G&H emblem on their marketing material as a mark of China-ready products and services. Certification is based on our 10-point rating system measuring a brand’s ability to satisfy Chinese customer expectations and digital engagement strategies.

2017 Bronze

 Sites Travel Limited


2017 Bronze

About Africa Limited


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